Spiritual Hypnotherapy With Tom McBeth
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Certified Hypnotherapist Tom McBeth

Certified Hypnotherapist Tom McBethTHE MAGIC OF SEDONA

My path to becoming a certified hypnotherapist began in my mid-twenties with a lucid dream.

At that time in my life, I had decided to move from Texas to California or Arizona.  Never having been to either, I only knew that I wanted to be close to a forest where I could go camping. About two months before I left, I experienced my first lucid dream.  In the dream, I realized that I was dreaming; it was like being in another world where everything was as vivid and clear as waking state reality.

As I was flying over the landscape, realizing that I could control the dream, I decided to check out a place in Arizona called Flagstaff that I had heard about and that had a forest. Instantly, I was there. Flying over a series of five mountain tops that ended into one big peak, I also flew over various other landmarks.  From here, I next found myself flying to a nearby town that I had never heard about, seen or even knew existed. This place had red rock canyons, creeks and a beauty that was indescribable.

When I awoke from the dream, I remembered every detail with a sharp clarity. Two months later, I packed all of my belongings into my van and headed West.  When I arrived in Flagstaff, I was astounded by the fact that it was exactly like my dream. That made the choice for me.  Five days later, friends took me to a nearby town called Sedona.  I was a little shocked when I realized that this was the town in the second part of the dream I had had–and I realized that it was meant to be that I should end up living in the place of my dreams.

Sedona, Arizona is a magical place to live and to visit. It’s renowned for its unsurpassed beauty and the healing energies of its famous vortexes, confluences or eddying pools of geomagnetic energy. People are drawn to Sedona from all over the world to refreshen and reawaken their souls and to accelerate their healing work. It’s no wonder that Spirit guided me here to do this work as a hypnotherapy practitioner.


Around the age of 30, I decided to pursue another passion, tennis. Becoming a tennis pro and teaching for the next 21 years was both fulfilling and enjoyable. But I never let go of my first love.  I still practiced hypnosis on the side. I even found ways to combine the two, giving workshops on zen tennis and mental toughness training and hypnotizing myself and friends for better tournament results.


It was at this point that I chose to become a certified hypnotherapist and obtain as much of the best and finest training that could be had. I completed work at three different hypnosis training centers with world famous hypnotists. This included the Hypnotherapy Academy of America, Omni Hypnosis Training Center, and Past Life Regression Training with Dick Sutphen. The months of long training at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America provided extensive training in such areas as medical hypnosis, pain control, parts therapy, phobia and addiction elimination, Ericksonian therapy, suggestion therapy, regression, self-esteem and numerous other hypnosis techniques. The past life training with Dick Sutphen enabled me to learn techniques that had been developed by a man that had regressed over 200,000 people with 40+ years experience.


I’ve been graced with the privilege of being allowed to help people heal and remove blockages and transform their lives as a certified hypnotherapist. If you’ve never tried hypnosis before, I invite you to give this powerful, simple but effective modality a try. Call me for a free 15-minute consultation to find out exactly what hypnosis can do for you.  All you have to lose are your blockages and anything that holds you back from living the life of your dreams.

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