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How Does Hypnosis for Weight Loss Work

 Hypnosis for Weight LossHypnosis for weight loss may not be the first option to consider when trying to lose excess pounds. It might even be your last resort, but it may quite possibly be the only one that will work for you. You’ll first consider dieting and exercising.  It won’t be surprising if your first image out of the word “hypnosis” is one from stage shows or from the movies. The entertainment industry has certainly painted an unfairly negative picture of hypnosis. So how does hypnosis work for weight loss? It works with your mind. It re-programs your eating habits and urges from excessive and binges to controlled and healthy.

The operative word here is control. Hypnotherapy for losing weight is focused on changing your entire orientation with food. From the moment we were born, we have been acquiring conditionings that are embedded into our subconscious. As babies, when we cry for comfort and attention, we may have gotten a feeding instead. Are you one of those toddlers who got a sweet treat for a good deed? Aren’t chocolates the most popular lovers’ gift? All these have attributed to the idea of food being a substitute or a reward to everything nice and good. It is not at all surprising if we turn to food whenever we need love and comfort, when we achieved a feat or when we need attention.

Pragmatic questions on how does hypnosis work for weight loss pursuits. The fact is hypnosis does work as a weight losing technique. Simple hypnosis can lead to a more relaxed outlook, rested body and better sleep. All these have positive effect in your eating habits. If your overall outlook is better, you don’t need to fortify your self-esteem with binges. This is a good enough change.

Hypnosis specifically designed for weight loss works better. During hypnotherapy, when the patient is under hypnosis, the hypnotist will introduce to your subconscious mind a picture of a healthy you. The underlying reasons that drove you to eating splurges will be identified and resolved. He will explain to you that to achieve a healthier and happier life, you’ll need to have better food choices. Your state of deep relaxation facilitates the easy access to your subconscious. What you tell your subconscious mind is accepted, unlike the conscious and rational mind where all information is filtered. The valid are accepted while the false are rejected. This is the secret why hypnosis works for weight loss.  

And then you wake up to a different person. No longer are you the slave to cravings. Your eating motivators are gone, totally resolved and eliminated from your system. What is left is the person who knows how to eat healthy, as what was instructed to you under trance. Your conscious mind maybe your rationale but it is the subconscious that rules. Just like your untamed appetite, your new and better eating habits will be controlled by the powerful subconscious. So does hypnosis work for weight loss? A resounding yes and more. It is painless, easy and without the harmful side effects of extreme dieting. You won’t even have the negative feeling of deprivation. Losing weight have never been easier, no sweat!


I‘ve been graced with the privilege of being allowed to help people heal and remove blockages and transform their lives as a certified hypnotherapist. If you’ve never tried hypnosis before, I invite you to give this powerful, simple but effective modality a try. Call me for a free 15-minute consultation to find out exactly what hypnosis can do for you.  All you have to lose are your blockages and anything that holds you back from living the life of your dreams.
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