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Hypnosis Stories The Power of Hypnotherapy

We’v all heard hypnosis stories of people getting up on stage and acting like chickens or singing as if they were a famous opera star. Stage hypnosis is fascinating, but what about hypnosis stories of regular people under the care of a hypnotherapist? The following hypnosis stories are real events with real people that occurred with either my own clients or those of fellow hypnotherapists who related the stories to me. Some of these hypnosis stories border on the incredulous.  The rest of these hypnosis stories show the remarkable power of hypnotherapy and the immense healing capabilities of this ancient […]

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Hypnosis For Relaxation

The Hypnosis Myths & Miracles Free Report will tell you the truth about the most common myths about hypnosis and the miraculous things that hypnosis can do. You'll also receive a free hypnosis audio download as a bonus. Sign up for your free report and free audio here.

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Instant MP3 Downloads

Instantly download selected hypnosis Mp3 products that will give you the hypnosis help you need. Hypnosis MP3 Downloads She explains that the cure isn't in the trance, but in the suggestions and images that are presented to the client during the trance that are behavior-altering.

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