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Hypnotic Regression Unlike Other Past Life Regressions

Inside your subconscious mind are all of the memories of both the life you’re currently living or any of your past lives.  Through past life regression you can finally uncover truths in your life in regards to the origin of a wide array of issues or themes you choose to explore.  Repeating patterns that one has in the present life are usually found in previous lives as well.  Past Life Regression is the process used to uncover the root cause of a pattern.  Once uncovered it is then healed and transformed.  Through Past Life Regression once the original cause is brought to light then healing modalities are applied through hypnosis to once and for all end the pattern.  These healing modalities might include such things as forgiveness (now that deeper insight has been shed on the situation) or trauma reversal for phobias. 

 Present problems and dilemmas  such as unexplained phobias, long standing difficulties with a relative or close friend or deja vu are more often than not explained through hypnotic regression.  Phobias that seem to have no basis in this life usually don’t.  Phobias aren’t just fear, it’s an overwhelming, incapacitating feeling that renders one helpless.   Ever wondered why a clown or a person with a painted face seems to scare you or where your unexplained overwhelming fear of heights comes from?  Chances are it wasn’t this lifetime. 

Ever felt like you’ve always known your mate from the first time you met?  You probably have.  Positive aspects of a relationship can also be explored using hypnotic regression.  Perhaps you might want to explore the reason you came together.  Was it to work on a certain issue or theme together, to pool your efforts towards a combined goal or work direction or simply because you both have mastered certain elements of being in a love relationship together and are now reaping the rewards and continuing to grow in love.    

A skilled competent hypnotherapist will almost always attempt to uncover verifiable information that can later be provable either through internet searches or other means.  By acquiring names, dates and locations in a Past Life Regression many cases have been verified to be factual.   In some very rare cases  some people have been known to speak a language unfamiliar to them from the country of origin of the previous life complete with the dialect and phrases of the time period. 

One thing is for certain with past life regression and that is that it is always intriguing and the results never cease to surprise the one uncovering aspects of his/her previous life.  Truth is truly stranger than fiction!   

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