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Hypnotherapy and Knowing Yourself Through Past Life Regression

 Do you have recurring and unexplained dreams? How often do you experience déjà vu? What is the real basis of your gut feeings? All these could be coming from your repressed memories. Not everyone believes in the idea of reincarnation but most are open to the idea of past lives. Meaning, we consider its strong possibilities. This is mainly because the concept explains a lot of dilemma and solves the puzzles of our lives that could not be understood by analyzing with any depth our one single lifetime.

Past life regression is a proven technique in settling unexplained anxiety. It has worked in taming inappropriate and irrepressible habits. More and more people are considering the process in order to learn more about themselves, what makes them tick, their inner motivations and personalities. A lot of behavioural problems have been proven to root not from the present experiences but from traumas of previous lives. In cases like these healing and transformation is difficult if not impossible without the help of hypnosis back to the root cause.

This is a very delicate process. During a session, the patient will be put into trance or deep level of relaxation. So complete that everything, including his conscious mind will be rendered irrelevant. It is only in this level that anyone will have access to memories of past lives. Under hypnosis, you can have a glimpse of old images, a sniff of past smells and hear minute sounds of your past life. Or you can experience being transported back in time. You’ll get to relive your past personas.

It is important that your hypnotherapist should be experienced and knowledgeable enough of the past life regression process. He should be able to guide you through your mind journey. Like all travels, you will need a map, a compass or an innate knowledge of where you’re going.  If unguided, past emotions can be provoked and brought back to the present. Images can be interpreted incorrectly and could present more problems than solutions.

With a certified hypnotist, you can rest assured that your well being and healing is securely in place. This is why a relationship between patient and therapist should be established. The hypnotists should know the reasons of the treatment for him to pattern his work with. The patient should also be able to trust his hypnotherapist. Successful therapies are only possible with an aligned working team of both patient and hypnotherapist.

In the actual session of past life regression, the hypnotist will help the client arrive at the most important relevant lifetime.  The client will communicate his experience by describing it.  If the purpose of the past life regression is to uncover the roots of an unexplained fear or phobia, both therapist and patient will be searching for certain events of the patient’s life that contributed to the fear. It is always the first stem of solving a problem by knowing it. Unburden yourself with your excess baggage, past and present. Only then, you can truly turn a new leaf.

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