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Healing Through Past Life Regression

Past Life RegressionIt never ceases to amaze and intrigue me, the stories that come up with a past life regression.  The following are three examples of past life regressions with clients and the resultant healing that unfolded.

The nature of healing from viewing a regression depends upon the type of the dilemma.  Phobias, for example, usually require getting to the root cause and then doing a trauma reversal along with reprogramming.  Difficulty with friends or relatives might entail seeing the karmic implications and lessons that weren’t learned.  Forgiveness for oneself and others usually plays a part with a lot of the healing work.

The concept of karma is often misunderstood by most people.  Karma is never punishment, nor is it forced upon a person.  Instead it is self accepted for the opportunity to learn and grow through the lessons of love and forgiveness.  Imagine existing in the afterlife in a dimension in which you felt an overflowing of love and then viewing all of your actions that entailed injustices towards others.  Life provides us with an opportunity to relearn from our mistakes.

The following are 3 examples of healing that unfolded from clients uncovering scenes from past lives.

Mildred had suffered for most of her life with an extreme phobic reaction to driving an automobile.  In her 70s now, she found that being a passenger wasn’t much better.  Upon regression back to the root cause and expecting to see some incident from this lifetime she was at first surprised and confused to see herself in a different time period.  It was the 1920s, she was marrying the man of her dreams and was standing at the alter with him.  After the wedding during the reception she and her new husband decided to sneak out and go for a drive through a mountainous terrain.  Speeding through some switchbacks the car slid off the road and fell off a cliff killing her but not her husband.  The trauma and fear had transferred over to this lifetime.  Through hypnotic trauma reversal and reprogramming her phobia towards being in a car have been cleared and she is now able to ride being comfortable and at peace.

Frank, a single man in his 50s, always dreaded the annual family get-togethers during Christmas time.  It was really only one family member that created all the stress he felt, his brother in law, Bill.  Frank considered Bill to be a bully that for 20 years would try to pick arguments with him and use sarcastic put downs disguised in humor.  Ignoring the antics for 20 years had built up a bottled up storage of stress inside him now.  It was for his sister’s sake that he didn’t confront his brother in law and cause a scene.  Upon regression to a past life two different lifetimes came up.  In the first Frank was a peasant living on land owned by Bill’s wealthy father during the 1500s in England.  Bill as a young man along with several of his hoodlum friends burst into Frank’s house one night unexpectedly.  Bill raped his wife and then kidnapped her never to return her.

In the second lifetime seen it was actually Frank that was the perpetrator.  Bill this time was the peasant, although an old man, living on land owned by the king in medieval Europe.  Frank as a knight employed by the king shows up at Frank’s house accompanied by a few other of the king’s men and kidnaps Bill’s young beautiful daughter.  This time it’s Bill that never sees his daughter again.  Bill spends the rest of his life in anguish over the ordeal.

Through hypnosis a deeper level of forgiveness was established in Frank’s heart towards Bill due to the new understanding.  Christmases are now enjoyed by Frank and strangely Bill’s antics seem to have almost disappeared without explanation.

Steve, 45 years old, single, a construction worker had been plagued his whole life with poverty.  Due, in his own words, to “unconscious self destructive tendencies” he sabotaged all attempts to improve his own financial life.  Along with this he also had a deep seated distrust of everyone.  New but skeptical to the concept of reincarnation he was willing to try anything.  His past life disclosed a time in the late 1800s as a very wealthy cattle rancher located in both southern Arizona and northern Mexico.  Because of his wealth and quiet nature he was perceived as being unapproachable and thus lived a single lonely life.  One day while driving one of the first automobiles down a barren dirt road he was ambushed, robbed and hung.  He died with the strong thought of “it was all for nothing”.  In this lifetime the fear was carried over of focusing totally on wealth and living another lonely life.

With reprogramming through hypnosis Steve felt a strange new shift and relief within himself.  He recently obtained his state license to be a licensed contractor and has put himself in position to greatly improve his financial status for the first time in years.

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