Spiritual Hypnotherapy With Tom McBeth
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A Miraculous Dimension in Hypnosis

angelThere is a realm or dimension that can be accessed in hypnosis in which, compared to any other realm, the most miraculous outcomes, healings, insights, shifts in deeply ingrained patterns and positive manifestations occur.  This realm has had several titles depending upon the practitioner teaching it or the student using his own label.  Some of the more popular titles are Ultra Height, Ultra Depth, Spiritual Hypnosis and various other titles.

This realm has many similarities to the interim between lives, the bardo state and the hypnotic coma state.  What is unique to this state is the ability to have a direct link to a dimension of all encompassing love and wisdom, similar to what is often reported in the interim between lives by hypnotically regressed individuals.  In this dimension there truly seems to be a source that wants to enable a person to finally heal and have the insight into the true basis or background to a particular problem.  It’s in this realm that quite often phenomenal occurrences take place.  Occurrences that are perceived from this higher source of intelligence as needed for one to finally rise above deeply ingrained dilemmas, long held patterns or health issues.  These occurrences have entailed such things as:

  • *the true source of a health issue and release from the blockage and healing from it
  • *deeper level of self forgiveness or forgiveness of others that enabled one to move forward in life
  • *communication with long deceased loved ones
  • *instantaneous viewing of a past life or lives that incorporated the root cause of a long help pattern
  • *dialoging with spirit guides

This realm or dimension through hypnosis I’ve been writing about is one that is always best to be accessed with a trained hypnotherapist.  Guidance is needed because of the unexpected twists and turns that can come up as well as the need for someone highly trained that has the ability to bring one up to this heightened state.  Once one is in this dimension of all encompassing love and wisdom the door is open to have one’s life changed.  To make that shift that was meant to be in this life.  To rise above the challenges one set for oneself in this lifetime.

Although techniques might vary between practitioners to attain this state, one common method to access this realm involves having the body continually going deeper and deeper relaxed to the point that it is no longer perceived or felt while at the same time the mind is continually going higher and higher.  Another technique involves putting the body into a super relaxed state of no feelings and having the mind imagine leaving the body and floating upwards into this dimension of all encompassing love and wisdom.

Before one is ready to explore this heightened dimension it often requires having at least 2 or more sessions with a trained hypnotist.  This establishes both the trust and belief in one’s ability to ascend to this level.

If you’ve spent most of a lifetime revolving around a particular issue to no avail, perhaps it’s time to try this new approach.  As Albert Einstein once said, “Problems cannot be solved from the same level from which they were created”.  Often one has to rise to a higher viewpoint to attain a solution.

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It’s time to allow that higher wisdom and love to come to your avail!


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