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Live a Healthy Life Through the Use of Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy or self-hypnosis came from the Greek word hypnos, which means “sleep.”  This procedure may be used by health care professionals like doctors, psychologists, podiatrists, dentists and even nurses who have a master’s degree. They can perform this procedure provided that they 

One of the purposes of hypnotherapy is to change old behaviours or habits for better ones. A good example is cigarette smoking. People who resort to cigarette smoking as a way of dealing with stress can get rid of their habit through hypnotherapy, or to increase your tennis edge through the development of good mental habits with regular hypnotherapy sessions.  The hypnotherapist guides his or her patient to various imagery’s and aims to change how a patient feels with the behaviour.

During hypnosis, a patient is guided to a state of deep relaxation, like a trance. When engaging in this procedure, keep in mind that no matter how vulnerable you may seem during the process, a hypnotherapist cannot fully control your mind and meddle with your free will. A hypnotherapist may also teach his patient to control his or her state of consciousness and perform hypnosis on his or her own. With practice, a patient will be able to participate better and respond accordingly to his or her hypnotherapist.

Hypnotherapy has several stages. The first stage is re-framing the problem. This is when the patient and the hypnotherapist discuss how to go about the problem. The next step is the relaxation stage. This is the time when the patient focuses on the voice of the hypnotherapist. This is followed by the dissociating stage. During this stage, the patient lets go of critical thoughts and is already responding to the suggestions of the hypnotherapist. After this stage, the patient is “awaken” and goes back to his normal state of awareness. To complete the process, the patient and hypnotherapist both talks about what transpired in the session. This way, the patient is able to reflect on the experience and the hypnotherapist helps the patient understand what he or she felt during the experience.

Hypnotherapy affects both the mind and body. During this process, both your blood pressure and heart rate decrease. This effectively relaxes your body. When your body is in a trance-like state, the mind is able to focus better. In this state of trance, you will feel physically at ease but mentally awake. This leads to some changes in the activity of the brain, which makes the patient respond more easily to suggestions. If the patient wants to quit smoking, the hypnotherapist may 

suggest that he or she won’t like the taste of cigarettes in the future. The success of the treatment depends on the cooperation of the patient. If he or she is willing to participate in the process, it will only take a few sessions before he or she is able to completely quit smoking.


Eventually, a hypnotherapist may teach his or her patients how to perform self-hypnosis. This is very effective for acute conditions like pain. For example, if the patient has a toothache, he or she may focus on an image that helps him or her forget the pain. Self-hypnosis also promotes self-control. Other conditions that may respond to hypnotherapy are insomnia, phobias, anxiety attacks, addictions, asthma, weight problems and some eating disorders.

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